Bio Fuel Vehicle system

BFV Standard

The BFV is a Swedish-made product and therefore intended to be used even at cold start during winter. It is capable of cold starts down to at least -10 ° C without engine heater.

BFV was developed over several years and has clear advantages compared with other similar systems on the market. We sell BFV in a basic version that works easily. After mounting in your car, you run it on regular 95 octane gasoline for about two hours and under varying conditions. During this time BFV "learns" how your car works, and after the learning period you can fill up the tank with any combination of gasoline and ethanol.

The BFV is a universal kit suitable for most modern cars


E85 have 30% lower energy content than gasoline have. This means that a engine running on E85 has a greater need for fuel. This need varies with engine load and temperature.


We give 1 year of warranty for our BFV conversion kit.


As there is wide array of brands and models of cars, EDAB can not be held liable for damage to the car or engine as a result of using the conversion kit.

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